There will be serious problems with pensioners and retirees in 2026: Specialist

It has recently transpired that the workers belonging to the so-called “transition generation” of the retirement regime who will retire with a pension from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will have to do so with a cap of 10 minimum wages instead of 25, which means a reduction of 55 percent in their income.

This Tuesday – in the morning conference- IMSS director Zoé Robledo clarified that the matter of pensions will not be modified and that they will continue to be calculated at 25 minimum wages.

In this regard, Ricardo Martinez Rojas, founding partner of the La Vega & Martínez Rojas Firm stated that this confusion in regard to pensions must be taken as a wake-up call for the Mexican system.

In an interview with Sergio Sarmiento and Lupita Juarez, the specialist reported that the real challenge will arrive in 2026, given that there are many shortcomings in regard to the demand for pensions.

He said that a significant part of the confusion arrived with the new laws of the Retirement Funds Administrator (Afore).

“From the beginning, the law on the Afores created a great deal of confusion, it was a highly incipient law, because we copied the Chilean system and it is a system that is falling once again”, he stated.

Martinez Rojas said that there will be a crisis in 2026 because that is the year in which the demographic bonus ends, the period in which the active and inactive working-age population outnumbers economically dependent people.

Note published in El Heraldo de México, Mer-k-2 [Markets] section by the Editorial Department