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Founded in 2016, De La Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C., is a Firm dedicated to the provision of legal services in labor, social security and immigration matters, through a team of experts in their respective areas of practice.

As part of L&E Global, the international organization that groups various legal Firms together in the world, we are a Firm with global capabilities in the provision of legal services in different jurisdictions.

De La Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C., has the purpose of creating added value in the legal services it provides, generating innovative ideas and practical solutions for our clients that enable the generation of a tangible benefit, preventing or solving costs issues for them.


Our highly trained team maximizes value through the identification of the problem and the generation of innovative solutions that we implement sparing no effort.


Through the maximization of the value of our services, we enable our clients to achieve a better efficiency in their operations and, therefore, they consider our legal services to be the most appropriate and being provided from the perspective of business partners.

L&E Global is the leading international organization in the provision of multi-jurisdictional legal services in labor matters.

Our lawyers have ample experience that provides them with an in-depth knowledge of their different areas of practice, enabling the provision of precise legal services of the highest quality and, furthermore, our team members use their knowledge in the generation of innovative solutions that result in the prevention and resolution of disputes and the elimination of economic contingencies.

Our clients are part of different industries, which provides us with knowledge on how the markets operate in each of these industries, thus enabling us to provide appropriate and realistic legal counseling that is in line with business customs and market practices.

In addition to the above, our lawyers’ bilingual capabilities enable us to provide legal services to multinational companies being, in addition, primarily focused on business matters, thus providing useful and straightforward opinions and information which is written following international business standards.

Furthermore, our professional practice is based on absolute compliance with national and international provisions on ethics, good practices and anticorruption.

Given all of the above, De La Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C. is recognized as a leading Firm in the provision of legal services in labor, social security and immigration matters, having received acknowledgments from the top directories, such as Chambers & Partners, Who’s Who and Benchmark Litigation Latin America.

Additionally, our lawyers constantly contribute as article writers, commentators and panelists in national media and international forums.



Provide legal services in labor, social security and immigration matters with the highest quality standards, maximizing the value of our work, which we conduct sparing no effort to create a common objective with our clients and providing them with tangible benefits.


Our lawyer’s professional and business experience enables us to maximize the value of our services, generating economic benefits for our clients through the timely and innovative prevention and resolution of disputes always taking into consideration the needs of each of our clients and the market they belong to.


Every lawyer at De La Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C. has the objective of identifying the necessary tasks for each action entrusted to us, searching for efficient and optimal solutions that are developed sparing no effort.


Contact and communication with our clients is fundamental for them to be fully aware of the problem or situation they are facing, the options for resolving it and each step for their implementation.