Labor outlook for 2022, the new adjustments and inflation

Interview conducted on February 16 in ADN 40, in the “Nombres, Nombres y… Nombres[Names, Names and …Names]” program by Alberto Aguilar.
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In “Nombres, Nombres y Nombres” with Alberto Aguilar, Oscar de la Vega, partner at the De la Vega & Martínez Rojas labor Firm

It will not be an easy year for the labor sector either, because of inflation and the blow on people’s finances that this entails.

Additionally, the economy will grow more slowly, and the generation of jobs will decrease.

There are many legal adjustments in this area, from the disappearance of outsourcing to the obligations agreed to in the USMCA.

The year does not appear to be an easy one, because the increase to the minimum wage has already established a floor for upcoming negotiations in many companies.

Inflation is not helping either, already being at 7%, particularly when there are commitments to fulfill with the US and Canada in this area.