TelevisaUnivision, the favorite of Mexican fans

Note published on December 2 in La Crónica de Hoy, Opinión [Opinion] Section by Claudia Villegas.
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From the start of the world tournament and throughout the matches played up to now in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, TelevisaUnivision, the largest Spanish-speaking content company, showed its power in the soccer tournament thanks to audience preference in broadcasts and soccer analysis programs. Of the total of 95.5 million viewers in Mexico who tuned in to the matches played against Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia, 55% chose the TelevisaUnivision signal to support the tricolor team. Additionally, the ViX streaming platform reached 12.1 million connected devices during the national team matches. The television business is clear and there is no room for interpretation. Thus, the match between Mexico and Argentina became the most watched match in the history of Mexican television, with the TelevisaUnivision transmission being the most favored one by the audience, according to information provided by the company. TelevisaUnivision thanked all the fans of the most popular sport on the planet for choosing their screens to enjoy the content offered in this World Cup and reiterated its commitment to Mexican society to provide the best quality sports content. The World Cup party continues and, even though Mexico has  been eliminated, the excitement of every four years continues until mid-December and Mexican fans will be able to follow all the details through the coverage that TelevisaUnivision has prepared through TUDN.

Yastás has more than 6 thousand bank commission agents in Mexico

Under the management of Jerom Castro, Yastás, the banking correspondent management company that is part of the Gentera group, ranks as the largest banking correspondent manager in Mexico. The news is that this intermediary, that provides its service through Point of Sale Terminals (POS), will reach a coverage of more than six thousand businesses, such as grocery stores, school and office supply stores, hardware stores, ironmonger’s and pharmacies, among others. It is undoubtedly a successful example of the banking correspondents’ model that allows financial services to be brought to the most remote communities in the country, including cash withdrawals of up to 10,000 pesos. A good option, I believe, for the dispersion of all types of support and transfers to the most vulnerable population.

Aleatica will support equity and mobility

The Aleatica Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) for the development of projects aimed at improving road infrastructure conditions as well as guaranteeing road safety for everyone. With the presence of the Australian Ambassador in Mexico, Remo Moretta, as witness of honor, and Juan Manuel Mares Reyes, representing the Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, as well as various authorities in the mobility sector, civil society organizations and international and national experts, the activities of the Fundación Aleatica para la Seguridad Vial A.C. were formally launched. Congratulations to the entire Aleatica team.

De la Vega, the best litigator in labor matters

In charge of several of the most complex and important processes for the acknowledgment of collective bargaining agreements within the framework of the USMCA, lawyer Óscar de la Vega, founder of the  De la Vega y Martínez Rojas Law Firm, received the recognition of the best lawyer of the year granted by British editorial group Law Business Research. Óscar de la Vega’s vision has been key for successfully bringing to safe port salary negotiations that already acknowledge the challenges in labor matters that we committed to with our commercial partners in North America.

Why Mexico in the midst of turbulence

In less than two weeks two, important financial Firms: UBS and GBM highlighted the potential of the Mexican economy for investors seeking to improve their returns and establish long-term projects. The Why Mexico study by GBM analysts highlights the reasons why Mexico has an opportunity to replace China in many levels of supply given its proximity to the US and the conditions of the manufacturing industry, which could rip 10% out of Asian trade with 10 relevant categories, encouraging a multiplier effect on the economy and growth rates of 4%. UBS assured that Mexico is a haven of stability in the midst of the storm. What do you think?