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He is the CEO of Paynom, a payroll advance Mexican platform with agreements with 100 companies in the Country and 40,000 registered workers who, on a monthly basis, request an average of one thousand two hundred pesos as an advance from their salaries. Even though Paynom started with its own capital, this month it will launch its first Pre A round.

Last days

After losing the election for heading the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Gerardo Esquivel is facing an uncertain future and, apparently, his days are numbered at the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), headed by Victoria Rodríguez Ceja.

Over the weekend it was revealed that the new president of the IDB is Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn, who competed against four other candidates, Esquivel among them, and won the position.

Esquivel ends his term as deputy governor of Banxico on the 31st of December of this year and it is becoming increasingly clear that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not planning to promote him for a second term.

Nevertheless, he has made it clear that he does want him for another position within the Mexican Government or representations, although it is yet to be seen whether any of the offers is attractive to Esquivel.

For now, the deputy governor has a pending monetary policy meeting scheduled for December 15, in which a new increase to the Banxico interest rate, currently set at 10 percent, is expected to be approved.

Esquivel is likely to disagree with the Governor and with the other three deputy governors, since at this month’s meeting he voted for an increase of 50 basis points instead of 75 basis points.

It isn’t the first time that Esquivel votes for a more moderate increase, as he has constantly pointed out that a bigger increase could be counterproductive for the economy.

Broken basket

Canasta Rosa [Pink Basket] a company headed by Deborah Dana, has suspended operations.

This marketplace, which allows Mexican entrepreneurs to sell and ship products, has not been in operation for weeks because its account and its domain have been hacked.

And, even though the platform assured that it is working to solve the problem since the first moment, this matter will take a long time to be solved.

At first a rumor started, saying that  Canasta Rosa had sold the platform’s database which, according to the entrepreneurs themselves, included banking data and personal addresses; this rumor was denied by the company.

Nevertheless, what is certain is that the marketplace had problems at least since May, according to users, as some SMEs said that they had tried to close their stores without being able to.

Now, with the hacking problem and with no set date to resume sales, Canasta Rosa only has the option of promoting the enterpreneurs who formerly used its platform through weekly publications in Facebook and Instagram.

It also offered to migrate them to Tienda Nube, headed by Juan Martín Vignart. This is an e-commerce that charges a monthly rate for creating your web page, selling and shipping products, just as Canasta Rosa did before it stopped operations.

Strengthens services

Health insurance company Bupa, headed in Mexico by Fernando Lledó, acquired the Bité Médica hospital to strengthen its services in the country; it allocated an investment of 350 million pesos for this plan.

The expansion of the company’s services, which for more than 17 years has marketed international major medical insurance, started in 2020 with the launch of national coverage insurance.

Afterward, Bupa consolidated itself in 2021with the incorporation of Vitamédica, one of the largest networks of medical suppliers in the country.

With the acquisition of the Bité Médica hospital, Bupa seeks to broaden the care offered to policyholders and improve collaboration with other hospitals.

A special stake that Bupa will have in the Bité Médica hospital is the dental office service. Bupa currently offers dental insurance in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Chile and Brazil, and it has over a thousand of its own dental centers in the world.

Bupa provides services to over 31 million clients around the world, with health insurance being the bulk of its business, with 17.9 million clients.


In the ranking of the best Law Firms and the most prominent lawyers of 2022, conducted by independent British organization WWL, Óscar de la Vega, partner of the De la Vega & Martínez Rojas SC Law Firm, was recognized as Lawyer of the Year in the category of Labor & Employment.

The litigant has been present in the case of Saint Gobain, the company of French origin, which almost resulted in a labor complaint before the United States and in the Volkswagen case.

This last case involved a highly complex negotiation, as part of the assembly plant’s workers refused to accept the agreement between the union and the German company and, thus, they were on the verge of a strike.

Within the framework of the labor reform, it is foreseeable that more challenges will arise for companies and their legal representatives, who are facing a more active union life in sectors such as the automotive industry.