Lawyers Day: recognition to the best for the year 2022

Note published on July 18 in El Sol de in Cuernavaca, Análisis [Analysis] Section by Julián Güitrón.
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On July 12 of this year, the Governing Committee of the Institution of Lawyers Day, in response to the contributions made to the benefit of the Mexican society, granted recognition to distinguished Members of the Academy, the Juridical Forum, the Judicial Power, the Legislative and Executive Powers, both local and federal, to pay fair tribute to those who have dedicated their life, or part of it, to the most important profession of all times, which is that of being a Bachelor of Law.

Distinguished jurists, headed by Raúl Contreras Bustamante, PhD, Director of the Law School of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México [UNAM], the top university in the Spanish-speaking world, was followed by the former president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Mariano Azuela Güitrón; UNAM Professor Emeritus, Raúl Carrancá y Rivas, PhD; Master’s Degree holder and Notary Public for Mexico City, Jorge Alfredo Domínguez Martínez; the writer of this article, with a teaching vocation of 55 years of uninterrupted professorship; Master’s Degree holder Luis Gerardo del Valle Torres, Executive President of the Board of Trustees of the Law School of the UNAM; the former director of the Law School, Máximo Carbajal Contreras; the Academic Secretary of the main educational institution in Mexico, Sonia Venegas Álvarez, PhD; Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, PhD; Ricardo Franco Guzmán, PhD; the Mexico City Attorney General, Ernestina Godoy Ramos, PhD; former Supreme Court Justice, Diego Valadés Ríos; Rafael Guerra Álvarez, PhD, President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico City; Master’s Degree holder Cuauhtémoc Plasencia Albiter; Óscar de la Vega Gómez, PhD; Justice Reynaldo Manuel Reyes Rosas; Master’s Degree holder Esteban Aponte Carranza; Master’s Degree holder Marcela Quiñones Calzada; Master’s Degree holder María Estela Ríos González; José Luis Cervantes Martínez, PhD; Fernando Córdova del Valle, PhD; Gabriel Domínguez Barrios , PhD; Master’s Degree holder Arely Gómez González; Carlos Correa Rojo, PhD; Norma Inés Aguilar León, PhD; Master’s Degree holder Myrna Araceli García Morón; the President of the UNAM University Court, Everardo Moreno Cruz, PhD; Luis Malpica y de Lamadrid, PhD; Adriana Campos López, LLB; Master’s Degree holder Maricela Morales Ibáñez; Ricardo Alfredo Sodi Cuéllar, PhD;  Ricardo Martínez Rojas, PhD; Teresita de Jesús Montes Garza, PhD; Irma Griselda Amuchategui Requena, PhD; Margarita Palomino Guerrero, PhD; Justice Rocío Rojas Pérez; and Ruth Villanueva Castilleja, PhD.

The Governing Committee of this Institution of Lawyers Day is chaired by Juan Carlos Sánchez, holder of a Master’s Degree by the Law School of the UNAM, President of the National Federation of Liberal Advocacy, the also president of the National Academy of Mexico José Elías Romero Apis, PhD; the President of the Institute of Criminalistics, Legal and Pedagogical Sciences, José Antonio Olguín Alvarado, PhD; the President of the Ignacio L. Vallarta National Advocacy Council, Jorge Ricardo García Villalobos, PhD; and the President of the national Academy of International Law Manuel Requena Rodríguez, PhD; and the President of the National Bar Association, Master’s Degree holder Javier F. Gómez Yslas; the president of the National Association of Juarist Lawyers, Rita Rosas Martínez, PhD; the president of the Mexican Federation of Bar Associations, Salvador Farías Higareda, PhD; the president of the National Bar of Criminal Lawyers, Gilberto Farías Morales LLB; the president of the Center for Advanced Studies of the Americas, Salvador Ordaz Montes de Oca, PhD; and the president of the Mexican Bar of Electoral Lawyers, Flavio Galván Rivera, PhD.


One. Since 1960, established by Adolfo López Mateos, this recognition is given to those that are considered to be apostles of Legal Science and have dedicated themselves to the areas of study, legislation and academia.

Two. The Governing Committee is a national institution, possessing the enormous prestige of its members and which, year after year, according to the activities conducted by the different lawyers and sectors, make a selection of those that they consider should be a part of and receive this tribute.