Lawyers Day

Note published on July 13 in Excelsior, Opinión [Opinion] Section by Juan Carlos Sánchez Magallán.
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Law professionals celebrate our 61st anniversary; it was in 1960 when President Adolfo López Mateos, a lawyer, institutionalized the celebration of Lawyers Day through an executive order  Without a doubt, it was a day to collectively reflect on the fundamental commitment that we have toward the national society.

Thus, we recall numerous events from the historical past of our country to promote unity in the diversity of thought and to reiterate our iron and unwavering will and vocation in helping in the transformation and development of our country. Thus, the Governing Committee of Lawyers Day made the decision to recognize those who practice law that, due to their merits, stood out in their activities in the forum, the court system, teaching, academia and public service, administering and carrying out acts of justice from the institutions they belong to.

Thus, the following people were recognized: Rafael Guerra Álvarez, PhD, Raúl Contreras Bustamante, PhD, Ernestina Godoy Ramos, PhD, Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, PhD, the great professor Cuauhtémoc Plascencia Albiter, Master’s Degree holder María Estela Ríos González, Diego Valadés Ríos, PhD, Ricardo Alfredo Sodi Cuéllar, PhD, Raúl Carrancá y Rivas, PhD, Ricardo Franco Guzmán, PhD, Carlos Correa Rojo, PhD, Mariano Azuela Güitrón, PhD, Óscar de la Vega Gómez, PhD, José Luis Cervantes Martínez, PhD, Norma Inés Aguilar León, PhD,  Ricardo Martínez Rojas, PhD, Justice Reynaldo Manuel Reyes Rosas, Fernando Córdova del Valle, PhD, Master’s Degree holder Myrna Araceli García Morón, Teresita de Jesús Montes Garza, PhD, Master’s Degree holder Esteban Aponte Carranza, Gabriel Domínguez Barrios, PhD, Everardo Moreno Cruz, PhD, Irma Griselda Amuchategui Requena, PhD, Jorge Alfredo Domínguez Martínez, PhD, Julián Güitrón Fuentevilla, PhD, Luis Malpica y de Lamadrid, PhD, Margarita Palomino Guerrero, PhD, Máximo Carvajal Contreras, PhD, Sonia Venegas Álvarez, PhD, Adriana Campos López, PhD, Justice Rocío Rojas Pérez, Master’s Degree holder Marcela Quiñones Calzada, Master’s Degree holder Arely Gómez González, Master’s Degree holder Marisela Morales Ibáñez, Ruth Villanueva Castilleja, PhD, Justice Carmen Laura López Almaraz, Fidel Hernández Aguirre, PhD, Master’s Degree holder Jorge Reyes Peralta, Luis Gerardo del Valle Torres, LLB.

Lawyers have the responsibility of denouncing and preventing institutional deterioration, defending the rule of law, public order, legal certainty for all people, the respect for human life and the strict and comprehensive observance of values such as freedom, justice and democracy.

Certainly, we lawyers have the responsibility of historical revisionism to create, strengthen or resize the public institutions that we have built. Learning from the important events and experiences of the past, from the legacy of life, such as that of President Juárez and his liberal reforms or Madero’s anti-reelectionism or the nationalism of Presidents Lázaro Cárdenas and Adolfo López Mateos, with the expropriation of oil and the nationalization of the electrical industry, respectively. Thus, our actions are based on the strength of the Mexican legal tradition, set forth in the General Constitution of the Republic, in which popular sovereignty is acknowledged as the legitimate representative. The full exercise of individual freedoms and social guarantees, the value of our democratic and representative institutions, the limits of the powers and their correspondence, the relevance of our federal system and the conviction that only what is built on the foundation of justice lasts and prospers.

Therefore, the liberal and progressive lawyers of the nation will continue to support, without compromise and unconditionally, the changes that continue to eliminate the special immunities and privileges held by a minority, seeking equality among all people. This will continue to be the task, achieving equality among so much reigning inequality. Don’t you agree, dear reader?