With the green traffic light, employees will return to their work centers in full

Note published on march 16, 2022, on El Economista, section Empresas by María del Pilar Martínez
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Employers in Mexico City may request all of their workers to return to their work centers; since it has been announced that the epidemiological traffic light is green, it is possible to increase capacity and to end the cause of force majeure brought by the pandemic.

This was informed by labor lawyer Ricardo Martínez Rojas, after pointing out that the agreements established between employers and workers in face of the health emergency may come to an end, given that the Mexico City Government published in its Gazette the executive order that establishes, in its Article Two, Section II, that the commercial establishments and/or sectors listed in this section may operate normally, that is, in line with their capacity and in the opening hours allowed in their notice of operation and in the applicable legal provisions.

In this sense, Martínez Rojas pointed out that the foregoing “implies a return to normal operations for all business activities.”

Despite the foregoing, specialists recommend reviewing with one’s collaborators the new reality in the labor arena, particularly because there are workers that seek to maintain flexibility and apply hybrid work models.

In this sense, “hybrid and ‘untethered’ work models are more in demand than ever, because people have the intention of maintaining the benefits gained during the pandemic and ‘reshaping’ their labor world valuing this flexibility in the best way to suit their needs”, stated Alberto Alesi, general manager at ManpowerGroup.

He pointed out that organizations are faced with a huge task, as they must determine what is the best scheme, particularly in the areas in which it has been detected that it is possible to use hybrid schemes, such as finance, accounting, IT, human resources and administration; this does not apply to sectors such as manufacturing and production.

General health rules are maintained

On the other hand, Martínez Rojas reminded us that in this return to normality, the contents of Article Four of the executive order published in the Gazette of Mexico City, which order the continued application of the general health rules must be considered.

Thus, the mandatory use of face masks in closed spaces at Work Centers must be maintained; the use of natural ventilation must be favored; the placement of dispensers of antibacterial gel with 70% alcohol at the entrance and in the interior of areas of common use must be maintained.

Additionally, the placement of health filters for the detection of temperature symptoms must be maintained; in addition to not allowing access to any person with a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius.