Newsletter Regarding the Essential Activities that will Continue during the Health Emergency Caused By (Covid-19)

The Ministry of Health’s ordinance, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on March 31, 2020, establishes a series of measures aimed to fight the SARS-CoV2 virus pandemic (COVID), which ordered the suspension of all economic activities, with the exception of those deemed essential for combating the pandemic.

In SECTION FIRST, to mitigate the dispersion and transmission of the virus causing the epidemic in the community, to reduce the burden of disease, its complications and deaths in Mexico, is ordered the immediate suspension of non-essential activities of public and private sectors, from March 30 to April 30, 2020.

In accordance with this ordinance, only the following activities deemed essential shall continue in operation:

  1. Those that are directly necessary to perform health activities such as:
    • Medical, paramedical, administrative and support branch throughout the National Health System.
  2. Those who participate in its supply, services and stock activities, among which standout:
    • The pharmaceutical sector, both in its production and in its distribution.
    • Manufacture of consumables.
    • Medical equipment and technologies for health care.
    • Those involved in the proper disposal of infectious biological hazardous waste.
    • As well as the cleaning and sanitization of medical units at different levels of care.
  3. Those involved in public safety and civil protection.
    • The defense and integrity of national sovereignty.
    • The pursuit and impartiality of justice.
    • Legislative activities at federal and local levels.
  4. Those of the fundamental sectors of the economy.
    • Financial services.
    • Tax collection.
    • Distribution and sale of energy, gas and petrol stations.
    • Distribution of drinking water.
    • Food and non-alcoholic beverage industry.
    • Food markets.
    • Self-service stores.
    • Grocery and sale of prepared foods.
    • Passenger and cargo transport service.
    • Agricultural production.
    • Chemical industry.
    • Cleaning products.
    • Hardware stores.
    • Courier services.
    • Private security duties.
    • Daycare and kindergarten stays.
    • Nursing homes and stays.
    • Shelters and refuges for women victims of violence, their daughters and sons.
    • Telecommunications and media.
    • Private emergency services.
    • Funeral and burial services.
    • Storage services and cold chain of essential consumables.
    • Logistics (airports, ports and railways).
    • Activities whose suspension may have irreversible effects for their continuation.
  5. Those directly related to government’s social programs.
  6. The necessary for the conservation, maintenance and repair of infrastructure that ensures the production and distribution of essential services.
    • Drinking water.
    • Jet fuel.
    • Basic sanitation.
    • Public transport.
    • Hospital and medical infrastructure.
    • Among others that could be added to this category.

All activities not mentioned on this list, in accordance with the ordinance, shall immediately suspend their activities, until next April 30. Regardless of whether this list is quite detailed, there are certainly many questions left, so in case of any doubt do not hesitate to contact us to advise you on the scope and compliance of this topic.


De la Vega & Martínez Rojas S.C.