US Congressman call for actions on Labor Reform

The labor reform is in its implementation process, however, that is not enough for United States congressman who visited our country; “they want to see concrete changes in workplaces, over plans and protocols”, commented Benjamin Davis, director of International Affairs of the United Steelworkers of the United States and Canada.

He also stated that although there have been improvements in labor matters since the approval of the Reform, it is also truth that its implementation is a great challenge that worries our business partners, because it is necessary, he added, to break the corporative schemes of Mexican unionism. It is important to highlight that the congressman not only visited Mexico but went to Goodyear’s plant in San Luis Potosi, to know how workers live and their conflicts, therefore the discussion’s focus was on wage increment.

“This will be a recurring theme in the country. We have to recall that there is chapter 23 in the T-MEC, and Mexico has to comply with its obligations therein, like guaranteeing union freedom, without any kind of intervention of the employer. If not, this will be motive of controversies for breach of the treaty”, commented specialist Oscar de la Vega.

According with the head of the Labor and Social Prevision Secretary, Luisa Maria Alcalde, there has been improvement in the conformation of the Implementation Council of the Labor Reform; in the integration of the first group of federal states to implement the changes on the following year; in the elaboration of the organic law for the Federal Center of Labor Registration and Conciliation; in the creation of state work groups to implement the Reform; in the regulations for the legitimation of Collective Bargaining Agreements, as well as the statutory reforms of unions to harmonize their internal regulations with union democracy and gender equality.

Next year,in 10 states, both federal and local; there will be the change from Conciliation Boards to Labor Courts.

Salary is the main topic.

Also, the change has to result in a new practice, in which the leaders will genuinely represent the workers, elected in free elections through a secret, unrestricted and direct vote. It is expected as well, a wage increase demand. In that respect, Davis commented that there is a great salary gap in the wage payment, as in enterprises such as Goodyear, a worker in Mexico earns around 200 pesos daily, when in United States, in the same plant, an employee receives minimum 24 dollars per hour, “those conditions are sought to change as well”.

This issue was discussed with the congressmen, who were told that there are unjustified layoffs and that the contracts with Goodyear are sweet deals; topics that have to be different with the Labor Reform.