The area of Consulting provides a diverse and wide range of services, covering all labor related operations within a company:

  • Audits. – Our team conducts labor audits that enable us to determine the degree of compliance with labor obligations, identify areas of opportunity and improve labor practices within a company. Likewise, we conduct audits to analyze  subcontracting schemes as well as compliance with the new regulations on collective matters included in international treaties.

  • Mandatory Documents. – Preparation of documents relating to common labor needs, such as employment agreements, internal formats for the control of benefits, attendance controls and, in general, any and all documents that are necessary for the development of an employment relationship.

  • Company Specific Documents. –  Preparation of specific documents for each company in terms of which special labor conditions are established, such as compensation schemes and plans, ethics and conduct codes, employee manuals, design of variable bonus and commission schemes, stock options, pension plans, confidentiality agreements, among others.

  • Labor Investigations. – Conducting the necessary activities to carry out internal investigations due to possible breaches of legal or corporate obligations, such as investigations in cases of sexual harassment or harrying, compliance, frauds, among others. The investigation is conducted following ethics standards, preparing the documents that could be used in jurisdictional processes in addition to carrying out the investigation in line with the regulations deriving from the legislation of the United States of America.

  • Employment relationship termination. – Planning and implementing employment relationship terminations, including processes relating to company executives, as well as rescissions for cause.

  • Special processes. – Designing the strategy and implementation of special processes in cases of personnel transferences, employer substitutions, company restructurings or closings.

  • Labor inspections. – Consulting and follow up in relation to labor inspections conducted by the Department of Labor and Social Welfare.

The area of Consulting at De La Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C. is comprised by expert lawyers in these matters, with experience in labor litigation, which enables them to anticipate issues and generate recommendations based on practical aspects, with the objective of avoiding economic contingencies through the creation of legal strategies tailored to each client’s needs.


Operating under a model of intelligent work, this area has developed the models of appropriate services that enable a speedy  and precise response. As a rule, all requested opinions or work are sent to the client within 24 hours and, in the event that more time is required, the required time is informed to the client in a timely matter. Communication with the client is of the utmost importance and, therefore, there will always be clarity regarding the provided services, delivery times and fees.