Faced with an internal scenario in which the rules of law that regulate collective relations are changing due to internal and external pressure, the manner in which companies develop their collective relations is changing and will continue to face important changes.


Therefore, our area of collective bargaining has the necessary negotiation and legal capabilities to handle collective employment agreement review bargaining as well as to handle jurisdictional procedures deriving from the legal title of collective agreements, strike notices due to breach of collective agreements, also having experience in handling collective conflicts of an economic nature.

Thus, our team provides the following services, among others:

  • Handling negotiations deriving from the review of collective labor agreements, whether in relation to wages or integrally.

  • Handling of procedures deriving from strike notices due to breach of collective agreements.

  • Handling procedures deriving from legal title suits filed  by Unions other than the holder of the collective labor agreement.

  • Handling of collective disputes of an economic nature.