The STPS published the Draft of the Official Mexican Standard on Teleworking.

The Draft of the Official Mexican Standard on Teleworking, in which safety and health conditions for teleworking are set forth, was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on July 15 2022. The term of 60 days for receiving comments, suggestions, additions or deletions to the published text starts today.

The NOM [Official Mexican Standard] establishes the risk prevention measures that must be adopted at the places in which people under the teleworking modality conduct their work with the aid of information technologies, provided that they work a minimum of 40% of their weekly working hours under this modality.

It must be applied to prevent incidents that put the physical well-being, life and health of the workers under this modality at risk.

The following are obligations that companies or employers must have in place as soon as possible at their workplaces:

  • A list of the workers under the Teleworking modality;
  • A Teleworking Policy;
  • The validation of the safety and health conditions in Teleworking;
  • Providing the necessary supplies for the proper performance of people working under the teleworking modality;
  • Training on safety and health conditions for employees working under the Teleworking modality.

Therefore, it will be necessary to have a Policy that includes the preventive measures that will be adapted at the workplaces under the Teleworking modality.

We invite you to send us your comments or remarks in regard to this Draft to the Firm’s contact email and/or to the email address provided below. Please keep in mind that the term for the public consultation is of 60 days.

Additionally, we remain at your service for the creation of the Policy to be in compliance with the new obligations arising from the NOM.

For additional information, please contact

Jimena A. Sánchez Argoytia