The XXXIII Symposium organized by the IMEF 2021 is a complete success

Note published on September 24 in El Capitalino, Economía y Finanzas [Economy and Finance] Section by Marcela López
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The Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF) held the IMEF Symposium for the Mexico City Group: “Finance 4.0. The Recomposition of Companies and Technology.”

The Symposium inauguration was conducted by  Ángel García–Lascuráin Valero, MEc, Nacional President of the IMEF , Alejandro Hernández Bringas, President of the Mexico City IMEF and José Antonio Quesada Palacios, President of the 2021 IMEF Symposium .

This important event had the participation of distinguished personalities of the business world, technology-innovation and the public sector: Ángel Hernández Huet, and Héctor de la Hoz of SAP, José Medina Mora Icaza of Coparmex [Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic], Gustavo Parés Arce of NDS Cognitive Labs, Enrique Quintana of the El Financiero newspaper, Moisés Polishuk of Asiste.

Also present were Jesús Cantú Escalante Undersecretary of the Department of Economy, Julio Carranza Bolívar of BanCoppel, Mario A. Correa VP of the IMEF Committee on Economics, Alejando Valenzuela del Río of Banco Azteca, María Teresa Arnal of the Fintech Association, Peter Kroll of SoftwareONE, Angel Morfín of SAP Concur, Mauricio Candiani business columnist, Bettina Schaller Bossert of Grupo Adecco, Carla M. Ormsbee of Korn Ferry, Jimena Sánchez of De la Vega & Martínez, Maryela Aguilar and Marcela Flores Quiroz of Lockton LATAM, Santiago Barcón of Baorgg, Purifiación Carpinteyro of Inventec, Diana Bernal Constitutional Advisor, among others. Among the sponsors we have: Microsoft, SAP, Nano Pay, OneStream, Grupo Adecco, SoftwearONE, NDS Cognitive Labs, MCM Telecom, Lockton, Salesforce, Transitions, De la Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C., ADVALUE  and El Economista.

The Symposium was a complete success thanks to the direction and dedication of Alejandro Hernández Bringas, president of the Mexico City Group of the IMEF. In this sense, the development of the five pillars (Strategy, Economy, Finance, Human Capital, Regulation and Compliance) was extraordinary, as the compendium of presentations and arguments of all of the panelists established the general economic and financial context in Mexico and the world , which is a consequence of the economic and health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; it is not the new normality, but rather, the “new reality”.

It was pointed out that the level of change of Industry 4.0 and its reach in the operation of businesses and the use of advanced technologies is very broad and it affects all industries and all sectors. It was established that both technological and financial solutions are required to adapt and respond to the crisis that we are currently living as well as to become integrated into the new environment of Finance 4.0. A context in which science, technology and innovation provide support to companies in being resilient in face of the new business models. The management of Human Capital will involve renewed norms, values and competences, adapted under the 4.0 optics and the new reality.

The participation of Alejandro Valenzuela del Río, PhD, general manager of Banco Azteca and Azteca Servicios Financieros, is particularly noted; he addressed the topic of “the strategic response of financial entities” and emphasized that Covid-19 accelerated the digitalization of Mexican banking.

The participation of Marcela Flores Quiroz, executive president of Lockton México and leader of Benefits at Lockton LATAM, was also noteworthy; she highlighted the importance of “Human Resources”, where more emphasis is required on hybrid work (remote and in person) and on the promotion of the physical, emotional and financial well-being of employees.

Lastly, sponsor Nano Pay coordinated the conference by Ricardo “Finito” López, who gave an inspirational talk on the story of his life, which was based on following dreams and projects until he became a world champion.