17% of subcontractors lose their jobs

Note published on august 27, 2021, on TV6.News, section Business by Staff
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The application of the subcontracting reform has implied that 17 percent of workers in this condition, who were attached to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), have been unemployed, said Ricardo Martínez, labor lawyer from the firm De la Vega & Martínez Rojas.

“Since the reform came into force until now, we have lost affiliated workers, which means that this amendment has not benefited wage earners, because many are going to be left behind, many outsourcing companies are going to have to close its doors on September 1 ”, commented Martínez when participating in a webinar on outsourcing reform.

According to the same institute, the lawyer provided information that indicated that in November 2020 5 million subcontracted workers were already registered. However, as of August 1, it was reported by the lawyer that 83 percent of these workers are still in effect and 17 percent are no more valid. This would translate into approximately 850k jobs.

Noting that the outsourcing reform originally granted companies 90 days to stop this type of contracting, and that those who are considered to be providing specialized services must register in the Registry of Specialized Services or Specialized Works Providers.

The 30-day extension was granted. This extension expires on September 1.

In this regard, the lawyer Óscar de la Vega assured that a few days after the end of the deadline for specialized service companies to comply with their registration with the Repse, there is confusion and despair among the companies that have not been able to carry out the process.

He stated that not all companies were able to register by the deadline.

“It is said that in Social Security, in outsourcing, there are about 5 million people, of which half had migrated to the operating companies, so many companies have still not been able to comply with these provisions and have given 90 days and After extending it for 30 more days, we consider that the term is still insufficient, but there is no way to be able to extend it in another way, ”he said.

He said that it was difficult to define specialized services.

The lawyers of the De la Vega & Martínez Rojas law firm warned that some 2,000 appeals have so far been filed against the subcontracting reform.

They were aware that appeals might be filed in the case of companies not being able to register with Repse.