The oversight committee warns that Mexico must send clear messages on labor issues

Note published on april 28, 2021, on El The Daily Guardian, section Economy by Abigail Brewer
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In the face of greater trade union integration – the United States and Mexico – allowed by the trade agreement, it is important to make progress in implementing Repair work Especially before the president’s administration Joe Biden, Which is putting T-MEC’s ​​job separation a priority on its national agenda.

This was commented on by participants in the working committee responsible for analyzing the progress made by Mexico with regard to the amendments agreed to in the signing of the trade agreement with the United States and Canada, as in the case of legalization of collective action. Contracts and commitment to freedom of association.

Withi n the framework of the International Labor Forum “Voices of experts on today’s job challenges Organized by Coparmex Members of this committee, Steve Hirschfield and Philip A. Mesimara, it will be important for professionals reporting to the US Congress to have accurate information on labor issues in Mexico.

“We are interested in getting information from everywhere: unions, employees, and employers because it will be important for the expert labor committee to hear all the voices. We have identified this political relationship between government and unions in the United States; that’s why I tell you that we have to be very careful in Comply with signed agreements, “said Philip A.

In this sense, they mentioned that there is an economy that is becoming more and more globalized, “The goal of organized labor, as far as I remember, was to conclude multinational collective labor contracts. To achieve. “

Global collective agreements

In recent weeks, D&M Abogados partner Oscar de la Vega has commented that there has been a greater presence of US trade union organizations, prior to that, he doubted whether US unions could achieve framework agreements with global companies.

In this regard, Steve Hirschfield commented, “I don’t see it in the short term, but if we analyze the collective bargaining agreement where it includes conditions that have nothing to do with benefits, for example, how to deal with employees, then I think yes, there we will see how it is done.” This process is a metaphor for Mexico and there is pressure from the American unions for such a frame of reference. “

He added that the framework agreements could not be granted in terms of salary or fringe benefits; However, with the harmonization of procedures, Mexican trade union organizations are likely to become more demanding; For this reason, it is very important that we “inform ourselves of the legal procedures and conditions because this will be required in the end in Mexico”.