L&E Global’s Employment Law Overviews 2021-2022

It is my pleasure to share with you the latest installment of L&E Global’s popular series of international Employment Law Overviews 2021-2022, a publication that I thought would be of particular interest to you.

The Employment Law Overviews published by L&E Global, an international organization that our firm is member of, is a trusted primary source of concise and practical information and invaluable insights into the fundamental, know-how labour and employment law principles that domestic and international companies should comply with. Key topics include: anti-discrimination laws; employee benefits; employment contracts; hiring practices; pay equity laws; restrictive covenants; social media and data privacy; termination of employment contracts; trade unions and employers associations; transfer of undertakings; and working conditions; in addition to the extraordinary transformation of ‘work’ in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Additionally, for companies operating in multiple countries, our firm together with L&E Global offers the ELO 2021-22: Global Edition cross-border compendium, outlining the employment law regulations across 25+ jurisdictions worldwide. The ELO 2021-2022 series is further enhanced by the unique and innovative ELO Country Comparison Tool. This tool pulls the latest data from the Employment Law Overviews, sorts the information into 12 primary topics and 30+/- secondary subjects, and allows you to automatically generate a concise and workable country-by-country comparison of the issues, based on your chosen criteria.

The combination of resources that we have developed with L&E Global – 28 individual country overviews, a global omnibus and an automated online legal research tool – make it easier for our clients to select those countries most relevant to their business interests.

Please find attached the PDF version of the brochure for Mexico and the PDF of the global edition guide.

Employment Law Overviews México 2021-2022
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Employment Law Overviews Global Edition 2021-2022
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You will also find digital copies of the complete series at:

The ELO guides are an example of L&E Global’s continued commitment to provide you with insightful and resourceful information to assist you in the compliance with the employment law.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any further questions or need any assistance.

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Oscar De la Vega.