Companies have the obligation to develop strategic plans on labor matters

Note published on March 15 in El Economista, Empresas [Companies] Section by María del Pilar Martínez.
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Óscar de la Vega, partner of the D&M Abogados Firm, brought to our attention that it is essential that companies in high-export industries have a clear knowledge of the new rules in labor matters, which not only arise from national legislation but also the ones that are part of the USMCA.

Given that the first companies that have the obligation to comply in labor matters are high-export industries, it is essential that they have a clear knowledge of the new rules in that matter, which not only arise from national legislation but are also part of Chapter 23 of the USMCA.

“2020 was a year full of challenges in health and economy matters which, in consequence, brought a series of changes in labor matters. The different reforms have caused companies to modify their internal procedures and to develop a strategic business plan to update their labor relationships to conform to the new requirements”, explained Óscar de la Vega, partner at the D&M Abogados Firm who will present a balance on the labor reform approved in 2019 almost two years after its implementation.

He added that there is a great deal of concern in sectors such as the automotive sector and the cement industry because, while progress has to be made on salary topics or the legitimation of agreements, we also have the other side of the coin, which has to do with subcontracting “the proposal that is known at this point can greatly harm the productivity of those sectors which, added to the changes in the US administration, could represent negative changes if one is not prepared”, he pointed out.

In an interview prior to the start of the virtual seminar “Labor Challenges, 2021”, Óscar de la Vega said that “we will face a reform in labor subcontracting matters, the discussion of which is expected in coming weeks and which will bring a new legal framework on which many formal jobs depend; this in addition to the new schemes in teleworking, which will require making significant internal and strategic changes in companies.”

Some of the topics that will be discussed with the participation of international experts are: the change of government in the United States and its effects in Mexico; the rapid response mechanisms of the USMCA; Collective Bargaining Agreements, Legitimation or not? the new Labor Justice and topics such as the pros and cons of the reform to the Federal Labor Law on subcontracting matters.