Álvaro López wants to lead Sitaudi for six more years

Note published in La Jornada de Oriente, Puebla – Economía y Ecología (Puebla – Economy and Ecology Section by Aurelio Fernández.
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Two years before production started in the Audi plant located in San José Chiapa, the company had already reached an agreement in regard to the salary increases for 2015 and 2016, a union and the leader thereof: Álvaro López Vázquez, who now seeks to remain in that position for six more years.

Personnel was just being started to be hired when the Executive Committee of the Independent Union of Audi México Workers (Sitaudi) was formed.

Antonio Flores Trejo, the head of SITIAVW at the time, made the official announcement that the first 130 workers that were being trained “chose” their union representation.

Álvaro López Vázquez, who was secretary of Internal Matters and Minutes of the Volkswagen union at the time, was appointed as secretary general of the Audi workers; he even held both positions simultaneously for some time.

“I am employed by both companies”, he answered when asked whether he was receiving a double salary.

In the eve of the renovation of the union leadership, López Vázquez confirmed that the call was issued last week and that the slates have until the 25th of this month to register; the election will be held on October 1st of this year.

In an interview, he maintained that the work he has done and the remarkable results support his interest in seeking to remain in the position.

He added that he has also made changes in his staff, to include people who are experts in their areas, who, in his opinion, can make important contributions for the benefit of the union members,

“We are aware that we have areas of opportunity but, in general, I believe that our work has been good, and I believe that we have grounds to think about continuity”.

Sitaudi currently comprises 3,950 workers, all of them are already working in the new normality, divided in three shifts.

In regard to the global 5.46 salary increase obtained by the Volkswagen union, López Vázquez refused to qualify it as good or bad.

He only said that if the reviewing commission accepted that percentage it was because they believed it to be the best alternative, considering the current economic circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the case of the union that he heads, he recalled that they conducted and early review last year and agreed with the company on a global 7 percent increase (5.4 directly to salary and 1.6 percent in benefits) for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022).

In the case of the SITIAVW, its leadership has spoken against multi-annual agreements.