The Catem is out of Nissan by official ruling

Note published in El Sol del Centro, Local Section by Mario Luis Ramos.
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The Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board rules that it doesn’t have representativity within the company and rejects the motion for union certification.

After being unable to present the minimum required elements to demonstrate any representativity among the Nissan Mexicana workers, the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board decided to reject the motion for a headcount made by the Autonomous Confederation of Workers and Employees of Mexico (Catem), in demand of the qualification for handling the collective bargaining agreement of said company.

Given the above, the more than nine thousand union members that work in plants A1 and A2 of this assembler will remain affiliated to the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), as they have been for the past 40 years.

José Alfredo González González, leader of this workers’ union in the entity, said he was satisfied with the official ruling, through which the guarantee of labor peace that has historically existed in Aguascalientes, and which is the basis for attracting new investments and the permanence of the existing ones is reaffirmed.

The Catem simply couldn’t prove that there are workers within the company that want to join its ranks and, therefore, the headcount was denied, the file was archived, and this is a matter already tried.

As informed at the time, the newly created workers’ union officially demanded, before the authorities, that the unionized workers of the Japanese company be consulted on whether they wished to remain in the CTM or if they wanted to become affiliated to the Catem, by assuring the alleged existence of enormous dissatisfaction with their current working conditions.

González González expressed his confidence that there will be no new violent incidents, such as the intended takeover of the assembly plant’s facilities, as was the case two months ago, with the intention of stopping production as a pressure tactic to achieve the change of union.

He trusts that this final legal decision will be abided by by all of the involved parties and that it will result in the benefit of the Nissan workers and the families of Aguascalientes, in order to maintain the labor stability that has been so hard to achieve, always with full respect for the rights of fellow workers.

We appreciate the confidence shown by the Nissan unionized colleagues and please be assured that your union will always strive to meet your demands, solve your labor problems and continue working to achieve better living conditions for you and your families through the obtainment of better wages and benefits. We also acknowledge the support expressed by the entire population of the state, which strives to live together in an atmosphere of tranquility and social peace, to achieve sustained development for the benefit of all.

José Alfredo González González, Leader of the CTM in Aguascalientes