What to do if you don’t receive your profit sharing payment?

Workers can denounce the lack of payment of profit sharing before the Profedet [Federal Workers’ Advocacy Agency].

MEXICO CITY.- Profit Sharing or Employee Participation in Company Profits (PTU) is a benefit that workers have a right to on part of the profits generated by a company or by the employer during the year, under Article 120 of the Federal Labor Law.

Profit sharing must be paid by May 31, at the latest, and the COVID-19 contingency is not a valid motive for not paying it, since the profits correspond to the 2019 fiscal year, said lawyer Ricardo Martínez Rojas.

If they don’t receive the benefit, workers can file a complaint with the Federal Workers’ Advocacy Agency (Profedet). The denouncement can be anonymous and an inspection will be carried out as a result.