De La Vega & Martinez Rojas, S.C. Analyzes: Challenges of the Labor Reform /

Within the framework of the International Conference “One year after the Labor Reform” rganized by the De la Vega & Martínez Rojas, SC Law Firm, onational and international experts analyzed the challenges faced by Mexico with the reforms to the Labor Law proposed by the Senate of the Republic.

Oscar de la Vega, Founding Partner of the Firm highlighted that there are great challenges in labor matters for both workers and companies; these challenges must be discussed in an inclusive and responsible manner by each one of the parties. He also said that the workers’ rights to perform their duties in a healthy environment and in an environment of freedom is a matter that involves unions, employers and government agencies.

Among the topics covered in the forum, we have: The USMCA and the Labor Reform, Compliance Control of the USMCA and Arbitration Panels on Labor Matters, Subcontracting, Labor Strategies and NOM 035.

Protection unions are finished: Lozano

The implementation of the Labor Reform must take all parties into consideration, “protection unions are finished; workers must be made aware that they have the freedom to decide whether they want to be unionized or not, voluntarily and not by force”, stated Javier Lozano, former Minister of Labor and Social Welfare.

During his participation, he pointed out that in order for a union to have “Proof of Representativeness”, it requires the support of 30% of the company’s workers, as a minimum, “no to an imposition of wills, – he stated – workers have the right to decide who they want to be represented by”.

In regard to the topic of outsourcing, Lozano emphasized that companies that operate in an illegal manner must be regulated, but not through the creation of more rules, but through the enforcement of the ones already in place.

He also recalled that 60% of companies worldwide operate under this scheme and that 7 million workers in Mexico are subcontracted by a third party. “We don’t need to make those who move the economy disappear, or punish everyone equally; it is required that all government agencies be coordinated among themselves and regulate those who need to be regulated”, he explained.

Expert panelists on labor matters participated in this International Conference, including Ricardo Martínez Rojas, also Partner and Founder of the D&M Firm, James Verdi, Partner at the Jackson Lewis Law Firm, USA, John Sander, also partner at the international Firm, Juan Carlos Zepeda, Directing Partner at FWD Consultores, Expert in Social Media Management, Mexico; Blanya Correal, Latinamerican Expert on Strategy and Labor Relations at D&M, Colombia,

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