Negotiations under the cover of darkness are over; for the first time, the workers will be in command / El Economista

The De la Vega & Martínez Rojas Law Firm kicked off its international conference “One Year after the Labor Reform” with a “negotiations on labor matters conducted under the cover of darkness are over”, it was thereby informed that protection agreements, that have existed in the country for decades, and which are currently known to add up to 700,000, will terminate.

In the first panel, “The USMCA and the Labor Reform”, with the participation of lawyer Ricardo Martínez Rojas, he stated that this is a crucial moment for companies, as they have two possibilities in regard to their labor relations: the first one is to promote the non-unionization of the workers, by offering them the best working conditions and allowing the existence of truly democratic unions.

“For the first time, the workers will be in command in labor relations; it is evident that out of 100 cases of collective bargaining that took place in the country, only 15 of them were real, most of them involved some degree of extortion”, stated Martínez Rojas.

Meanwhile, regarding the trade agreement with the United States, James Verdi, partner at Jackson Lewis, USA, stated that there are mechanisms that are much more similar between Mexico and the United States, including the possibility of non-unionization; nevertheless, he admitted that it will take a long time for our country to reach a lower level of union affiliation, since companies must undertake important campaigns to show workers that non-unionization also has its benefits.

Note published in El Economista, Empresas [Companies] section by María del Pilar Martínez