Is it harmful or beneficial? Implications of the increase on the minimum wage

A five percent recovery is integrated to the minimum wage along with another independent recovery amount of 14.67% for a total daily wage of 123.22 pesos, this is, a 696.66 pesos monthly wage, stated Oscar de la Vega, labor attorney.

Relating to this subject, he noted that Article 90 indicates that it shall satisfy the normal needs of a head of household in the material, social and natural dimensions, so it shall be considered by the country’s trade partners.

The labor attorney stated that the workers should accept wage revisions through a vote.

“For the first time, a direct collective negotiation will take place”.
Oscar de la Vega

Oscar de la Vega highlighted that employers and workers will also be able to establish wage increases or improvements on benefits every two years, as established by law.

He indicated that it will be the worker’s responsibility to pay or not to pay union fees, therefore, unions will need to reinvent themselves for the worker to desire being unionized.

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