Note on the Increase to Minimum Wages

On December 16 of this year, the National Commission on Minimum Wages issued an announcement informing the increase to the minimum wages that will be effective as of January 1, 2020.

According to the announcement, the general minimum wage increased from the amount of 102.68 pesos per day to the amount of 123.22 pesos for each daily work shift; this represents an increase of twenty percent.

As for the North Border Free Zone, the salaries will increase from 176.22 pesos to 185.56 pesos for the daily shift. This increase corresponds to the update of the inflation factor of five percent. This same percentage of increase will be applied to the professional salaries of the Zone.

As of professional minimum wages in the rest of the country, the increase will be of 14.67 daily pesos, corresponding to the Independent Recovery Amount (MIR, in Spanish), plus the inflationary factor of five per cent.

According with the indications of the bulletin of the Minimum Wages Commission, these increases will not be the reference to fix contractual, federal, state or municipal salaries.