62 unions where created in key sectors

In seven months of the new administration, sectors such as energy or health have seen new unions born.

In that period 62 unions were born and although they are less than last year, many emerged in key sectors, breaking the dominance of a single union, according to the registration of the Federal Labor Board (JFCA) and the Ministry of Labor (STPS).

Since the reform of the Federal Labor Law, experts have been waiting for new union to emerge because the legislation stimulates workers’ freedom of association.

This is already happening at least in the Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon, Jalisco, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes.

From the newly formed unions stands out the Mexico Petroleum Union in Mexico City (Sindicato de Petroleros de México), which is a dissident of the Petroleum Union led by Carlos Romero Deschamps.

Two more organizations also emerged for the Social Security Institute in Mexico (IMSS). One is the National Democratic Union of Social Security Employees (Sindicato Nacional Democrático de Trabajadores del Seguro Social), in the State of Mexico and the other is the IMSS National Employees Union (Sindicato Nacional de Empleados del IMSS), in Jalisco.

Other new organizations are the Union of Academic staff of the CIDE in Mexico City (Sindicato del Personal Académico del CIDE), and the Democratic National Union of Employees of the ISSSTE (Sindicato Nacional Auténtico Democrático de los Trabajadores del ISSSTE), in Michoacan.

For Mr. Oscar de la Vega, the labor reform published on 1 May, 2019, is creating a renewal in the union sector and proof of this is the emergence of young union leaders.